The Guards

The "Queen's Guards" are perhaps the best known icons of Britain

The "Queen's Guards" are perhaps the best known icons of Britain, and who ever been to London, have probably seen them. They are the soldiers in bright red jackets, who stand outside Buckingham Palace. They are men who can stand absolutely still, even when tourists tell them jokes, touch them, push them, or try to make them move. Elite soldiers have guarded the King or Queen since the reign of Henry VII, who made the Royal Body Guard a permanent institution. Comprised of highly-trained officers and soldiers, they are among the oldest units of the British Army and have fought with great distinction in nearly every major conflict involving soldiers of the United Kingdom since the 17th century. Inspired in this iconic soldier, Bat eye created to London Collection “The guards” Cabinet, a timeless piece, with all the charisma that these protectors of the royal family represents.
The Guards


Marco Sousa

W 110 cm | 43” H 200 cm | 79” D 55 cm | 22”

Structure made in wood, covered in brass plate. Its interior is lined with velvet.

Bat eye Guards
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