Elegance square

“The fountain in an elitist square. The movement and shape of the water.”

The Lions Square always had an elitist character, with a very strong link to the academy and commerce. The ‘Elegance’ console is based on the fountain, in its movement and shape. It is quite slim, elegant and with an aspect of superiority, typical of the elitist Lions Square. Made in palisander wood and satin wood on the inside, with the movement of water that gets out from the lions mouth at its base of support and the secrecy typical of the elite represented in a secret drawer in which its interior form accompanies the exterior.
Elegance square


Marco Sousa

W 50 cm | 20” H 90 cm | 35” D 50 cm | 20”

Structure in palisander wood, drawer in satin wood.

Elegance square
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